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[-] About Us!

 Malarkey was formed in late 2004, made up mix of mainly drunken and homeless people who like to smoke weed everyday.

[-] Want to challenge us? (or spare us £1.19 so we can buy a double cheeseburger?)

 - Come into our irc #Malarkey and pm an op!
 - For officials, please give us a few days notice, as our members are usually busy selling Big Issues in local town centres.
 - PCWs: Please allow us a few hours notice.

[-] What maps do Malarkey Clan play?

 - Officials: dust2, inferno, nuke, aztec..
 - PCWs: anything really as long as you buy a Big Issue from us.

[-] Match Rules!

 - MR15.
 - 1.45 minute round times.
 - And whatever else the SGLAC config is.
 - SGLAC required for official matches!
 - No shields!
 - Max AWP's = 2
 - Sensible rates please.
 - Eligeable players only for officials.
 - We allow red crosses in PCWs as we may be playing triallists.
 - cl_whine 0.
 - Steam IDs will be checked.
 - If you are 15 minutes late we will claim default and celebrate by drinking some Super Skol extra strength tramp beer!
 - We prefer our server. Note: if the reg is crap for you, than its probably crap for us as well.
 - HLTV must be/will be running.

[-] Clan Servers 

 - CS 1.6 Public -
 - CS HLTV -
 - CS 1.6 Match - offline!

[-] And finally...

 - If you think we hack, please tell us in game so we can turn them off.
 - Please let us win! 


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